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The Wellness Equation Podcast

The importance of the physical and emotional health of our first responders should never be second guessed. Having a community of support for police, fire and EMS is more critical today than ever before. The Wellness Equation Podcast powered by Provicta and HealthPartners is a first of its kind place where first responders and their families can get the support they need to keep themselves and their communities healthy and strong.

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Something to Think About: Keeping Your Spirit Healthy

Thoughts of encouragement and help for first responders by Chaplain Roy Beacham.

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Knowledge Base

Family Matters: Executive Guide for Developing Family-Friendly Law
Enforcement Policies, Procedures, and Culture

Testing the Impact of Sympathetic Response on Police Performance During Critical Job Tasks

Performance Optimization: How Wearable Technology Will Revolutionize Police Officer Performance and Enhance Resiliency

Other Resources

Provicta is committed to providing its community of supporters with additional evidence-based health, wellness and safety resources.  Use these links to discover helpful resources to keep you and your organization healthy, fit and safe.

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